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This Christian Walk

we are believers but we are also human


Hello and Welcome to This Christian Walk! This blog is meant to be a safe and welcoming but also a humble and honest space to strengthen and encourage your personal journey and relationship with our God and his Word. Through my personal stories and posts, you will find guides to studies and messages that embody my statement that while we are believers, we are also humans. Being Christian does not mean we are perfect, it means we pursue a dedication to making a conscious choice to live life on God's terms in a world that wants us to do the opposite. Let's pursue that choice together.

We are happy to walk this way with you!

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Sylvia Schmidt grew up in the teachings of the church. Although God has always been a part of her life, she went through a period of time when she turned her back on her heavenly father to pursue a life she thought she wanted. After many dead ends, downfalls and disappointments, Sylvia soon realized the only way she would have the strength to withstand the blows of life is with God. After re-dedicating her life to Christ and fully submitting to his will, she has been pursuing God's purpose for her life and not her own or the world's. 

Sylvia currently lives in Iowa with her husband and two yellow labs.

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Our mission is to create relevant content that will help you grown on your life as a christian and strengthen your faith day by day.

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