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GuardRails=No Regrets

I recently completed a Bible App Plan called "GuardRails: Avoiding Regrets In Your Life." When I think of Guardrails I am taken back in time to my childhood and the narrow roads of West Virginia. If you have never visited, let me tell you that not only are these roads narrow, but they are curving and they twist around mountains and hills. If you are not careful one wrong move on a curve could cost you your life, since not all the roads that wind around these mountains have guardrails. I remember always getting car sick, as my mother and uncles seemed to believe they were on the Indianapolis 500 when driving these roads. Sometimes I could peer out of my window and see the terrifying drop off the side of the road should the unthinkable happen.

Much like these roads, they are some moves we make in life that cannot be undone and we have to live we the long-lasting consequences. This is why we have laws and rules, but also for followers of Christ, we have God's word and our guide and guardrail. Personally, I have made plenty of mistakes in life, some of which I have been able to redeem myself from, but the majority of them I have paid a major price for. I have witnessed a pattern with most Christians, as well as myself, we jump into relationships, situations, opportunities, and plans, and we either make up in our mind that it is God-given, we say yes first, and then ask God to bless it, or we ignore God altogether and when it turns sour we plead to him to help us get out of it. I heard it said from one notable Pastor "Use prayer as your first response and not your last resort."

Why can't we just go to God first and ask him for his signs and wonders, before we make such big, life-changing decisions? Because we are afraid we won't like the answer? Because we don't have patience? It could be any number of reasons, but like Proverbs 19:21 says "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." So the course is set anyway, whether we take a detour or not. God will find a way and a person to execute and complete his purpose. Personally, I have tried to do it my way many times, and each time I have paid a price that was very expensive, and therefore I no longer trust myself.

Of course, I see great opportunities and situations all the time, and ideas come to me that I think are great...but I talk to God and say "Lord this looks or sounds great, and I would love to explore it but if it is for me I know you will make it happen, and if you don't I have to trust you have something better planned, never the less, your will be done." We have to trust, whether we like it or understand it or not, Isaiah 55:9 "My ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts." In a nutshell, he knows what's best for us, because he created us.

I am also learning in my Christian Walk that God is concerned with everything we are concerned with. Psalm 139:11-14 says "God knows and cares about everything that concerns us, even the little things that happen in our lives, if it matters to us then it matters to God too." So you can pray to God about anything. I've been praying to God for my hair growth, which has been a struggle for me for years. I have been praying about my ballroom dance classes that I can no longer afford, but thoroughly enjoy, and getting back into school, because I know since it concerns me, it concerns him.

But also remember my friends, none of this is possible without faith, which is why daily time in your bible and praying is so important. It renews your mind and your spirit, because God's word is complete and true, and if he said it, that settles it. For he is not a man that he should lie Numbers 23:19. But we also cannot cherry-pick the bible and cling to the parts we like, when God says No or to not do something, there has to be a very good reason. It's not to stop you from having fun, or to limit your growth or happiness in life, it actually is to give you more of these things, otherwise anytime we operate outside of God's will, God's Guardrails, we will always have regrets. He will always come when we need him, but at what cost while we are waiting to be rescued?

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